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101 Animal Puzzles for Kids

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Shortlisted for best Electronic Toy in the Prima Baby Awards 2015! "The best animal puzzle app on the App Store" review Sept 26 2014
"well-designed and easy to use" - review Sept 29 2014
"It is very fun to play (even for dad), and is something that I could see just about any child spending lots of time exploring and figuring out how to solve the puzzles" - review Sept 30 2014
"101 Animal Puzzles is an app I think any child would enjoy!" - review Oct 2 2014
".. one of those games that kids will love for the fun side of it, and parents will love it for its educational value" - review Oct 5 2014
101 Animal Puzzles for Kids Features:
★ 101 Animal Puzzles for Pre-School Children ★ Each animal has 7 levels of difficulty (from 2 to 8 jigsaw puzzle pieces)★ Difficulty level can automatically adapt to skill level★ Friendly voice will congratulate your child★ Every animal is named by voice and text★ Every animal has an associated sound
9 categories of puzzle:
★ on the farm - lamb, chicken, turkey, pig, sheep, rooster, goat, chick, horse, bull, cow, pony, calf★ riverside - swan, goose, frog, crocodile, pelican, duck, rat, beaver★ woodland - fox, squirrel, badger, hedgehog, wolf, bear, raccoon, owl, skunk, moose, reindeer, deer★ in the sea - dolphin, starfish, clownfish, seal, shark, turtle, octopus, whale, seahorse, squid, eel, swordfish★ africa - zebra, lion, tiger, antelope, leopard, rhinoceros, giraffe, elephant, bison, hippopotamus, cheetah, buffalo★ in the garden - cockroach, dragonfly, bee, slug, snail, caterpillar, fly, worm, bird, blue bird, canary, butterfly, ladybird★ dinosaurs - pteranodon, dimetrodon, diplodocus, monoclonius, tyrannosaurus rex, stegosaurus, velociraptor, brachiosaurus, parasaurolophus, ankylosaurus★ pets - sausage dog, mouse, cat, rabbit, hamster, bulldog, poodle, spaniel, kitten, puppy, dog★ around the world - kangaroo, koala, ostrich, polar bear, penguin, camel, monkey, gorilla, snake, cockatoo
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